FEMPOWER Mini-Course

The structure of the FEMPOWER Mini-Course to foster female empowerment and leadership training is focused on the “Top 5 Skills Needed to Feel Empowered”. The five skills were selected based on a thorough research analysis, surveys and interviews with business representatives, youth and educators:

  1. Team Building
  2. Decision-Making
  3. Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
  4. Critical Thinking 
  5. People Management 



The FEMPOWER Programme takes one skill per Mini-Course which each takes about 20 minutes. Each Mini-Course consists of different short ‘snippets’ and depending on the skill participants may start with a short introductory TED-style talk, an inspirational speech or a video and continue with tasks, quizzes, case studies and much more. 

The FEMPOWER Mini-Course is very flexible: Each Mini-Course can be worked on separately and there the order depends on each participant’s interest and personal training goal. At the end of each Mini-Course, options for further research, reading and training are provided to simplify the continuation of the learning experience.



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Have a look at the FEMPOWER Mini-Course Structure on the “Top 5 Skills Needed to Feel Empowered” which covers the base for the videos and quizzes, recommendations specifically for educators and further research opportunities on each skill.

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